Libido Cream

Our specially designed cream for females.


Prescription Strength

  • This cream was designed with several ingredients to channel
    more blood to the area and bring a more powerful climax and
  • There is usually an increase in lubrication as well.
  • This is not an aphrodisiac or mood enhancer.
  • The first application you will likely feel some tingling.
  • It is suggested that you apply only to the clitoris for your first
  • For best results after your first experience and you are familiar
    with what to expect, it is recommended to apply to both the
    clitoris and both sides of the inner lips of the vagina.
  • Apply one pump to clitoris
  • Apply to sides of inner labia
    Avoid the centre vagina opening as possible burning for a few minutes

Some more information

If the tingling becomes uncomfortable then wash off with a wet cloth. Hold off applying further cream and wait one day or more before retrying. This is new to your body but you should be able to manage the tingling on your next application, however we advise starting with a smaller amount and not the full pump dose.

Your partner may feel some tingling and possibly the sexual effects which is more likely if you engage within 10 min of applying. If you want to avoid this then wash off with a wet washcloth 10-15 minutes after applying. Much of this will have absorbed by then.

It is very bitter, avoid tasting it. Not dangerous but not pleasant. Rinse to remove taste if you do.

This cream works quickly, within 10 minutes and can last 1 hour.

The active ingredient that is in Viagra known as Sildenafil is one of the many ingredients in this cream.

There are no experimental or new to market ingredients used in this formulation. Topicals applied can absorb to levels of 5% of active amounts in your system compared to when taken orally. They are generally considered safer for this reason. There is a shift in blood flow which rarely may cause dizziness.

Should you feel something other than the tingling that concerns you please call or email our pharmacy at
905-232-1185 or

As with any medication, there is always the possibility of an allergy to a component so please contact us and
seek medical attention if warranted. We are an accredited compounding pharmacy and pride ourselves on
making superior quality products from exclusively sourced Health Canada approved ingredients. Our team is
dedicated to research and improving the effectiveness of our topicals.