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About Restore Pharmaceuticals

Our products are more effective than over the counter products, because of the Delivra delivery system. Delivra base cream can deliver a broad range of molecules and compounds directly through the skin, providing rapid, deep penetration followed by slow release of active Ingredients for safe and effective results.

"I am now able to walk around the house without my cane and without as much pain as I was in before. It is really aiding in my recovery and the relief is almost instant!" (Using Ketamine 5%, Gabapentin 6%, Lidocaine 10% and Celecoxib 5%)
Emrik S

Safe and Reliable Solution

We partner with the award winning Delivra Base, a scientifically advanced delivery system with deep penetration and absorption, providing safe and effective results.

Experts Advice

Our team consists of an on-site lab, experienced pharmacists, technicians, and chemists who work together to provide the optimal solution for your individual needs.

Personalized Medicine Simplified

Our Telemedicine addition allows you to contact a physician and receive your individual prescription all from the comfort of your own home.